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Teresa Giudice: 'I Will Leave' Joe Unless He Changes

Isn’t it ironic that she went right to the same tabloids she’s been in before on fact every single time before, when there’s something to be said she goes right to Life and Style. So what are the odds she teyijg to capitalize on the demise of her own marriage. Well if history shall repeat itself as we seek clearly it displayed here with a new front cover of in touch them I guess that’s what that is. It’s very sad to see this woman air out all her ditty laundry and then some when she has so many small children in the house that will one day, make no mistake , see these magazines and articles. Is this the example she wants to set for her children? Teresa needs all the help she could get before she makes anymore mistakes and I’m talking about professional help win a therapist because she’s got some serious issues.

Source: Bravo TV & In Touch Magazine



@Rosie: "B4 the tabloids run it"

This is what more celebrities should do is take to social media or blogging - find a way to get to the masses. You control the message not anyone else but yourselves. 

Fuck The Media

Fuck The Paparazzi 

Fuck The Tabloids

I hope Michelle feels better it seems this relationship is the true love that Rosie was looking for. Prayers for you all