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Shahs of Sunset: Episode 3 Recoop

Yesterday’s episode was evidence that grown ass people can still act like children. I don’t mean to blanket this statement to all cast members and so let me take this time to call those specific ones out of the sandbox. 

Yes, I’m talking about Mercedes a.k.a. “MJ” Javid and at this point that’s all I really need to talk about (but I am giving Reza the side eye for his participation). 

What MJ did to Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi was the perfect example of how to break girl code (yes there is such a thing). MJ almost literally pulled the (Persian) rug from under GG, but why? It not only came out of left field but later we find out it was done with malicious intent. She clearly stated to GG that she told GG’s boyfriend because she was pissed off he was looking at another girl’s ass. But the truth is, it’s no one’s business, that’s between them two, why get involved on matters that are none of your own. But as she said she wanted to prove a point and call her out, again for what exactly?  

MJ could blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol all she wants and the irony that this was the same reason Reza was on the outs with MJ last season. She was this so-called alcoholic drug addict, whatever happen to that. Has Reza how become the enabler or was it all smoke and mirrors? 

MJ and Reza’s behavior is another example of those who have nothing else better to do than to pick on other people, taunt, make fun, judge, mettle into other people’s lives. 

As for Reza, his “facetime interviews” are what prove what kind of person he is, he looooves the drama and where ever he could fit into it and be on the side of the strong and tease the weak there he is. In the last week’s episode, he did it to Lily, why not keep going from here, as we could see GG was next on the list. I think he knows better he’s just not acting out as a better person——but who knows only time will tell.

It’s hard keeping up with the folks of Glendale, CA (since almost ALL Armenians, Persians, Iranians live in this town so I’m going to melt that pot into one central location assuming they all live there). 

At the end of the day, Reza and MJ need to stop watching Mean Girls, Heathers or any other movie that depicts bullying, teasing or taunting of any kind and if they must do it because it’s in their Persian blood then why not Asa. Did you see that “burning sage” bullshit she was doing at the water bottle facility plant, isn’t that a fire hazard? And when did she become a Native American historian or healer? I don’t get her and I don’t want to and if your gonna pick on anyone can’t it be Asa? 

(P.S. I don’t condone any bullying, taunting or teasing of any kind and if my last paragraph came off that way I apologize, Asa has a hold on me. I don’t really mean it. I would never do it. It would never happen. I swear. I promise.) 



Sneak Peak: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

WTF?!?!? Is going on? Mauricio is allegedly cheating on Kyle, Kim is way too normal and Brandy and Lisa are having some major issues with one another, something stinks in suburbia. 



Teresa Giudice: 'I Will Leave' Joe Unless He Changes

Isn’t it ironic that she went right to the same tabloids she’s been in before on fact every single time before, when there’s something to be said she goes right to Life and Style. So what are the odds she teyijg to capitalize on the demise of her own marriage. Well if history shall repeat itself as we seek clearly it displayed here with a new front cover of in touch them I guess that’s what that is. It’s very sad to see this woman air out all her ditty laundry and then some when she has so many small children in the house that will one day, make no mistake , see these magazines and articles. Is this the example she wants to set for her children? Teresa needs all the help she could get before she makes anymore mistakes and I’m talking about professional help win a therapist because she’s got some serious issues.

Source: Bravo TV & In Touch Magazine



Dina Manzo On Her Feud With Caroline Manzo: Our Energy Just Doesn’t “Vibe.”

"our energies just dont vibe" is it me or has this woman been inhaling too much of that dry sage burning through her house to clear out al the bad spirits. 

This is her sister she’s talking about right? It seems like the family overall is very close so something must of happened where Dina didn’t like what Caroline had to say and Caroline didn’t budge so it became a bigger issue that it should be and now they’re not talking. I will say I am no fan of Caroline, I think she just acts like a miss know it all and just opens her mouth to give her opinion when most of the time its never asked. 
Maybe Teresa has a lot on Dina and Dina can’t let go of that friendship because she knows it would ruin her reputation, marriage who knows. Did Dina’s husband cheat on her once but she took him back and then married him but then became a bridezilla on a reality show about obnoxious weddings? Isn’t it also interesting that Teresa’s husband has cheated on her (at least) once and she knew about it and still took him back. Hmm, interesting who you hang out with, isn’t it? 
Source: Reality Tea 



The Women of SNL 

I was at the book store earlier today reading @BravoAndy’s #MostTalkative and never knew he did this. Too funny.  



The Real Housewives is about the crass vulgarity of celebrity culture - unscripted soaps with no actors to pay. It’s about the selling of one’s soul and dignity for a glimpse of fame. It’s sick.

"Those Housewives" Ctd - The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - The Daily Beast

Damn I have to say, he’s absolutely spot on. It’s stuff like this that hits me, making me realize the rational side of my brain has been asleep. I might have to stop watching these shows, its not healthy and I know better. 

Original Article: ‘TV Binges