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Dina Manzo On Her Feud With Caroline Manzo: Our Energy Just Doesn’t “Vibe.”

"our energies just dont vibe" is it me or has this woman been inhaling too much of that dry sage burning through her house to clear out al the bad spirits. 

This is her sister she’s talking about right? It seems like the family overall is very close so something must of happened where Dina didn’t like what Caroline had to say and Caroline didn’t budge so it became a bigger issue that it should be and now they’re not talking. I will say I am no fan of Caroline, I think she just acts like a miss know it all and just opens her mouth to give her opinion when most of the time its never asked. 
Maybe Teresa has a lot on Dina and Dina can’t let go of that friendship because she knows it would ruin her reputation, marriage who knows. Did Dina’s husband cheat on her once but she took him back and then married him but then became a bridezilla on a reality show about obnoxious weddings? Isn’t it also interesting that Teresa’s husband has cheated on her (at least) once and she knew about it and still took him back. Hmm, interesting who you hang out with, isn’t it? 
Source: Reality Tea 



The Audacity of Teresa Giudice

The audacity of Teresa Giudice to criticize Skinny Girl Cocktails by Bethenny Frankel as “diety”, well first, let’s explain to this amoeba that “diety” isn’t even a word but if I start with grammar and spell check with Mrs. Giudice I’d go on forever.

If it wasn’t for Bethenny Frankel’s success she and the rest of the housewives wouldn’t be riding on her coattails that’s for sure. She wouldn’t have a clue to come up with a cookbook of Italian family recipes and not that’s its so hard to come up with either. I honestly couldn’t even give Teresa credit for coming up with it, because I have a hard time seeing it. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone approached her with the idea when they saw a couple of episodes of her cooking and making some home made marinara. (but doesn’t every Italian do that?).  Oh and one more thought, your not an author and just because you put in a bunch of your mother’s recipes in a pile of paper added some text with a ghost-writer while bashing your family and friends then seal it, cover it with a picture your abnormal forehead and cheesy fake smile to then call yourself an author, not happening.

She is the epitome of opportunist. I don’t know who’s worse Kim Kardashian or Teresa Giudice? It might be a close tie, at least Kim isn’t as nasty to her friends and family as Teresa has been.

It seems Teresa is living the lifestyles of the wannabe-rich and fame-whore famous and will do whatever it takes to get there, even if she steps on a few family members and life-long friends if she has to. It makes you wonder what Dina Manzo is thinking befriending such a female all the while not talking to her sister Caroline Manzo but then again Dina is into all that witchcraft, psychic reading, astrology stuff.

Hey, listen, I like a bit of it myself but I don’t have people coming to my house burning sage to cleanse the bad energy, that’s just extreme.

I will admit for the first time I think Caroline Manzo is on to something when she’s predicted the demise of Teresa and Joe “Juicy Meatball” Giudice’s marriage. How can you not see it. He’s already lied to her in the past about their finances, he’s already cheated on her, he has several legal issues including ID fraud, bankruptcy fraud and so on, then lies about owning a pizzeria, has one too many cocktails, treats his kids like shit and Tri as well. Sounds like a match made in heaven. I don’t think so.

I have a feeling the fall of Teresa Giudice will be greater than the rise of her so-called success.